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Three Co-Authors Wanted for Johnny Wimbrey’s Newest Best Seller
Celebrity Co-Stars Include Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and the Late Jim Rohn

Dallas, TX—(June 20, 2012) Personal wealth guru and bestselling author Johnny Wimbrey has just announced the launch of his most recent book, I Mastered Failure but Look at Me Now: Success Strategies from Those Who Refused to Stay Down.”

The book will be a collection of inspirational stories from people around the globe who have overcome all types of adversity from poverty, addiction and abuse to business failure and bankruptcy.

Wimbrey recently launched an international search for co-authors to tell their stories in this book. He has currently found 19 co-authors and is still searching for the final three co-stars for this unprecedented book.

According to Wimbrey, “The ability to get back up when life forces you down is one of the biggest catalysts to lasting success. This book celebrates the struggles we all go through and how those life challenges ultimately make us who we are today.”

Several celebrities in the personal development arena have already submitted their chapters for this new book, including Jack Canfield, Les Brown and the late Jim Rohn.

Wimbrey’s own story of adversity has touched thousands of lives in his autobiography, “From the Hood to Doing Good.” His story explains how he grew up in poverty and in his teens, and then got in with the wrong crowd. He became a gun-toting, drug-dealing punk from the ‘hood. The murder of a close friend was instrumental in turning his life around. Since then, Wimbrey has used this turnabout experience as a message of hope and inspiration for people around the world.

Wimbrey is the author of six other books and has helped launch dozens of authors with former compilation books. According to George Adamides, who co-authored with Wimbrey in a previous book, “Having the opportunity to be in the same book with some of the greatest minds in the personal development world was a huge stepping-stone in my personal and professional life. Johnny Wimbrey has helped me build my brand all around the world, and I see myself using our book as leverage for years to come!”

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