The Benefits of Being a Co-Author With Johnny Wimbrey

There are three main benefits to participating:


All of the work will be done for you! You don't have to spend months and sometimes years trying to write your own book and getting it published. You will have all of the benefits of being a published author within 120-180 days. It could even be sooner than that assuming each co-author meets the deadlines. All editing, typesetting, cover creation and printing will be done for you. You only need to complete your chapter and supply your biography and approved photo.


Each co-author will be regarded as an authority because of his/her inclusion. Our track record of high profile celebrity authors speak for itself. In addition, you'll be an official "PUBLISHED AUTHOR" upon completion of this book. Many groups have booked Johnny to speak simply because he is a Published Author. One of our past participants has appeared on Oprah...TWICE!!

THAT'S the kind of credibility we deliver.


You will have a high quality book to sell after your presentations, pre-sell in large quantities prior to each speaking engagement, or sell via your website or direct mail to your current customers. It is very important to understand the upside potential of a book that you can sell FOREVER! To Non-Profit organizations, schools, civic groups, community centers, corporations, families, friends, cities, states and countries!


It all works to increase your exposure and add to your bottom line! If you booked just 25 speaking engagements and sold only 20 books at each event at a rate of $20 per book = $10,000.




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