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We're hunting for 12 Co-Star Authors to be featured in Johnny Wimbrey's upcoming new book, "Stand On The Shoulders™️"...
Book Series Interviews with Dr. Johnny Wimbrey

  • Stand On The Shoulders™️ of FOREX Millionaire Giants...

  • Stand On The Shoulders™️ of METAVERSE Millionaire Giants...

  • Stand On The Shoulders™️ of PROPERTY & REAL-ESTATE Millionaire Giants...

  • Stand On The Shoulders™️ of MLM Millionaire Giants...


If you're an author or aspire to be one, who wants to catapult your career and gain global exposure in ways that most people could never imagine...

...then I want to introduce you to my latest Co-Star Author Program. This program is specifically for people who want to skip the expensive and long process of self-publishing and instead get a massive shortcut for establishing yourself as an author. Each selected and contracted Co-Star Author will be hand selected seven-figure earners in their specified profession or industry.

A wealth of interviews from top-level-masters of their industry. An up-and-close view of their journeys, their tragedies, their triumphs and everything in-between! Learn the how-to's and the steadfast mindsets that helped take them from zero to seven figure producers and beyond!

The purpose of this project is to provide you with a book for clients, team members, or prospective clients that will help give you global exposure while creating unlimited opportunities.

*** Titles are subject to change. Titles are always a work in progress. ***

Instant Credibility.png

As a published author, you demand instant credibility as an expert on your subject.

Value Proposition.png

As a published author, your value proposition is undeniable.

Global Exposure.png

As a published author, you will instantly increase your global exposure.

With that brings new Speaking Engagements, TV, Radio and Magazine Interviews, Consulting Opportunities, Lay Down Sales and Much Much More!

I am inviting you to be in this incredible book with a select number of highly accomplished SEVEN-FIGURE EARNERS in their specified profession or industry AND I'm going to do ALL of the work for you!

My past books have sold over 500K copies combined & have been huge
international successes and this one will be no different!

Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol 1 Mo
Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol 2 Mo
Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol 3 Mo

How This Works

If you qualify, all of the work will be done for you!


You don't have to spend months (and sometimes years) trying to write your own book and get it published.

You'll have all of the benefits of being a published author within 120-180 days (possibly sooner if each co-author meets the deadlines). 

All editing, typesetting, cover creation, and printing will be done for you.

You only need to complete your interview and supply your biography and approved photo.

Here's What Happens When We Decide To Work Together

You'll have a high-quality book to sell after your presentations, pre-sell in large quantities prior to each speaking engagement, or sell via your website or direct mail to your current customers.

There's virtually no limit to the upside potential of a book that you can sell FOREVER!

It all works to increase your exposure and add to your bottom line.

For example, if you booked just 25 speaking engagements and sold only 20 books at each event at a rate of $30 per book, you'd earn an easy $15,000 dollars on top of your speaking engagement fees.

On the Shoulders 2023_10.png

Do You See How Lucrative It Is To Be An Established Author?

Plus, there's one huge benefit that comes with being featured in this book...

Instant credibility.

You'll be regarded as an authority because of our track record of high profile celebrity authors.


In addition, you'll be an official "PUBLISHED AUTHOR" upon completion of this book. 

Many groups have booked Johnny to speak simply because he is a Published Author. One of our past participants has appeared on Oprah... TWICE!!

THAT'S the kind of credibility we deliver.


Johnny is one of the most dynamic teacher leaders. He delivers his message with truth, energy, and conviction. His success and hard work connects with everybody he is around. I know he will change your life.

Nancy Lieberman, 

Former Professional Basketball Player,

Motivational Speaker, Author


Johnny Wimbrey is a fiery, charismatic, and dynamic speaker. He has taken the lessons he’s learned in the school of hard knocks to platforms all around the world to empower, educate and equip individuals to be the “best” individuals they were created to be. Through his workshops, books, and materials you have an arsenal of resources to build or rebuild your life from the ground up.

Bishop T. D. Jakes,

C.E.O. TDJ Enterprises
New York Times best-selling Author

This Is A Short Window Of Opportunity

As you know, launching a book requires you to stick to a deadline.

Interviews are happening now and the first slots have already been filled.

However, if you're seeing this page then that means there are still a few spots left.

So if you want  Dr. Johnny Wimbrey and his team of experts to help you take your story from conception to a masterpiece published work of art...

Here's What To Do Next

First, click on the 'Yes! I Want In!' button below.

You'll be taken to a brief application that allows you to request to be interviewed.

Your application will be reviewed within 24-48 hours.

If we feel you're submission is a good fit, we'll let you know what the next step of the process is and how to schedule your interview!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the title and subtitle of the book?

The title is: Stand On The Shoulders™️ (Title/subtitles subject to change).


The subtitle of the book is: of FOREX Millionaire Giants; METAVERSE Millionaire Giants; PROPERTY & REAL-ESTATE Millionaire Giants; or MLM Millionaire Giants.

How many pages/words should I write?

ZERO. That's right, zero. Your chapter will be transcribed from your interview with Dr. Wimbrey and then polished and put together by our team of ghostwriters and editors. 

What is the layout of the book?

Along with the Celebrity Co-Star Author, Twelve super-star interviews will be converted into a high-end high-quality published chapter, making each participant an official contributing published author. Each author will have their own specified unique cover featuring them as the expert influencer. Each Co-Star Author will be the first chapter in their book.


The Celebrity Co-Star will be chapter two in their book. Every Co-Star Author’s book will be available at online and most major bookstores for order worldwide.

What is the overall goal of the book?

This series will feature industry specific top-level producers who want to leverage their current successes into becoming a leading-voice, industry icon, or expert consultant for their industry and professions.

What is the theme?

This is a collaboration hardback book series featuring seven-figure income earners in a specific field or industry produced by Wimbrey Training Systems, Inc. (WTS, Inc.). Like Dr. Johnny Wimbrey’s previous titles, we have every intention to push each “Stand on The Shoulders™️” book title to becoming a #1 Best Seller; which would make each contributing-author an official contributing #1 Best Selling Author. Each specific-industry series will feature a global celebrity branded Co-Star-Author with a minimum net worth equivalent of fifty million dollars USD.

How will participants be selected?

We anticipate over 100 interviews between now and summer 2023 before we can discover and uncover who the Co-Star GIANTs and future published authors will be. Dr. Johnny Wimbrey and Wimbrey Training Systems, Inc. hold the exclusive deciding rights to all participants who will be selected. 

How will chapter editing, cover design, chapter layout, and book printing be handled?

WTS, Inc. does ALL THE WORK from designing, layout, and our expert ghostwriters working in a unified effort on each chapter for the highest quality delivery competing with any current “New York Times Best Seller” quality and overall look and feel, making each chapter stand-up and stand-out positioning each author as their industry EXPERT and INFLUENCER.

The editing, layout, and cover design will all be done by top professionals. Everything about this book will be first class. It is very important to have an eye-catching cover as studies consistently show that the cover and title are the primary reasons why books are purchased. Johnny and his TEAM will oversee the entire printing process of all the books.

The finished product will be a Barnes & Noble quality  hardcover book. Each co-author will have his/her copies shipped to the address he/she provides.

Each co-author will only be charged actual shipping costs for the delivery of their books. After the initial print run, co-authors will simply contact Wimbrey Training Systems for re-orders at our current cost. All of the details will be taken care of. Re-orders can be purchased at our cost, based on the number of total books ordered.

Spots Are Extremely Limited

Apply Now!

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