How It Works

What is the title and subtitle of the book?

The title is: The POWER of MENTAL WEALTH (subject to change).

The subtitle of the book is: Success begins from within. (subject to change).

How many pages/words should I write?

Each co-author will write one full chapter consisting of approximately eight to ten (8-10) book pages or 2,200 to 3,000 words.

What is the layout of the book?

Each co-author will have a picture,* biography* (approximately 100 words), and contact information printed at the end of the chapter. All co-authors will have their name listed on the back cover. (*Biography and picture must of high quality and approved.)

What is the overall goal of the book?

The goal of this project is to provide all co-authors with a book for clients, team members or prospective clients. The book will help everyone's global exposure while creating unlimited opportunities. The book will appeal to any audience a co-author speaks to including college students, teenagers, associations, faculty, administrators, non-profits, community groups, corporations, conferences, etc.

What is the theme?

The intent is to have a central theme of inspiration, determination and success that runs through the book. The title will help convey that approach. The general concept of the book is that of combining our various perspectives on overcoming obstacles and how each perceived failure is a stepping stone to success. Each co-author's chapter will address this topic through original perspectives, experiences, and stories.

What should be written in my chapter?

Write on a topic that interests you and that you're confident in. The information in your chapter should motivate, inspire, and empower readers while providing them with ideas and strategies that will help them to achieve more personal and/or professional success. Feel free to use stories, humor, analogies, and strategies for achievement. Hint: You may pull a chapter or parts of a chapter from one of your previously written self published books. Placing this information in this book will give the reader a "taste" of what they can find in your other book(s) and will entice them to purchase your other products. You can also use an article that you have already written for your chapter. These are just two simple ways to have your chapter completed immediately.

How will chapter editing, cover design, chapter layout, and book printing be handled?

Everything from A to Z will be handled by Johnny Wimbrey and his team of professionals. All you have to do is write or submit your chapter, along with your information and high-resolution photo....and then leave the rest to us! The editing, layout, and cover design will all be done by top professionals. Everything about this book will be first class. It is very important to have an eye-catching cover as studies consistently show that the cover and title are primary reasons why books are purchased. Johnny and his TEAM will oversee the entire printing process of all the books. The finished product will be 6" x 9" with a high glossy, laminated cover. Each co-author will have his/her copies shipped to the address he/she provides.

Each co-author will only be charged actual shipping costs for the delivery of their books. After the initial print run, co-authors will simply contact Wimbrey Training Systems for re-orders at our current cost.

All of the details will be taken care of. Re-orders can be purchased at our cost, based on the amount of total books ordered.




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