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From the HOOD to Doing Good - Paperback

From the HOOD to Doing Good - Paperback


If you are ready to trade your mediocre past for a triumphant future, then From the Hood to Doing Good is for you! In this best-selling book, business mogul Johnny Wimbrey reveals how you can overcome your greatest obstacles and achieve real success. Using these strategies, Wimbrey was able to focus and unleash his greatest strategic weapons, leaving behind a life of drugs and violence to pursue a successful, wealth-creating career.


From the Hood to Doing Good will teach you:

  • How to feed your desire to succeed.
  • How to diminish your fears.
  • How to stop the cycle of negative results.
  • The seven clues for achieving success (guaranteed not to leave you clueless).
  • How to determine the impact that people and circumstances have on your future.


Johnny personally guarantees the principles in this book will help you overcome adversity and achieve prosperity.

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