Johnny Wimbrey Coaches Celebrities

Well-known, even infamous people have their challenges too. Johnny understands the problems associated with fame and fortune. He has been a celebrity coach to many stars in Hollywood and helped them overcome obstacles on their path to success.

The Past Does Not Define Your Future

That\'s the message Johnny shares with audiences all around the world. Inspirational, charismatic and motivating, Johnny\'s people rave about his ability to energize a crowd and get them moving onto a new way of thinking.

From The Hood to Doing Good & More

Johnny Wimbrey offers a complete library of inspirational books of real-life stories from multiple authors. See the collection of true biographies and experiences that shaped people\'s lives into triumphant success in Multiple Streams of Inspiration and Conversations on Success. All books are available in Paperback and digital download.

Join Johnny Wimbrey Speakers Network

Dream of becoming a professional speaker one day? Now you can. Johnny is a world-class keynote speaker, seminar presenter and trainer. He teaches others through a series of lectures and exercises on how to become a professional speaker and run a professional speaking business!

The Johnny Wimbrey Show

Johnny Wimbrey has appeared on several news channels, in interviews and even on Hollywood access programs. His foray into show business started when he became a host on his very own talk show, The Johnny Wimbrey Show. Johnny helped young people overcome their challenges.

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Sought after by companies all over the world, Johnny Wimbrey's message has encouraged thousands to find their own inner greatness. His story of growing up in the ‘hood is not an easy one to hear, but his journey to wealth and happiness is a testament to the power of the human spirit. From adversity to prosperity, Johnny Wimbrey empowers others with his story.

Johnny Wimbrey has transformed his life from a mess into a message and now encourages others around the world to NEVER let your past determine your future.

As an inspirational speaker, motivator, and sales training professional, Wimbrey has shared the stage with personal development gurus such as Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and many others.

Offering training and education systems along with personal coaching to help individuals, sales teams and companies, improve their bottom line and create prosperity.

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Never allow your #LIABILITIES to whip your #ASSETS ~ #JohnnyWimbrey #sayINCREASE #CoachJohnny

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My friend #HoltonBugs sends me a car to drive while I'm in Houston! #RoyalsRoyce

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