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Become a first-generation millionaire

using the groundbreaking mindset

of entrepreneurial phenom


Former NFL player and 3x Super Bowl champion

"When it comes to building a Millionaire Mindset, Johnny's step-by-step playbook is an absolute must-read!"


"Often there seems an insurmountable gulf between “haves” and the “have nots;” between the successful and the success seekers. What I like about Johnny Wimbrey’s Mindset of the Millionaires, has the unique advantage of being written by an author who has lived on both sides of the track. Many people can share mindsets, but what is unique is that Johnny can teach lofty ideas in attainable language. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear “their” talk in “your” language!"

—  T. D. Jakes Sr. | C.E.O. TDJ Enterprises, Pastor, The Potter’s House of Dallas

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Johnny Wimbrey

Author of From the Hood to Doing Good, Wimbrey is marked with life memories of living in a battered women’s shelter to growing up on the street as a young drug dealer. After several near death experiences, and the loss of a good friend, Wimbrey decided it was time to turn his life around and not let his past determine his future.

About Johnny Wimbrey

Johnny Wimbrey trains and encourages thousands through coaching, seminars and speaking engagements. His inspirational story of overcoming life’s adversities has empowered others to follow on the Journey to Wealth.

Steve Harvey & Johnny Wimbrey
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New Book

Become A Best Selling Author
This is your chance to co-author a book with Johnny Wimbrey & other seven-figure income earners in MLM, Forex, Metaverse, & Real Estate Investing. To be considered for this series schedule your initial interview with Dr. Wimbrey today.

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One of the youngest and wisest success coaches today, using his personal success testimonies, Johnny creates an atmosphere of determination, passion, and urgency. His unique style, charisma and dynamic energy captivate diverse audiences from around the globe. Wimbrey teaches proven practical principles for success that will inspire your organization.


It takes “teamwork” to make the “dream work!” This principle has been used by Wimbrey in leadership retreats, sales and motivational seminars to audiences around the world. Johnny’s method to success has always been his ability to build and train a team to speak and walk to the same beat.


Johnny Wimbrey has the reputation as one of the most respected and recognized names in schools and ministries throughout the United States. He is convinced that every human has a “winner within” and this message has delivered hundreds of youth from a life of depression, crime, drugs, and even suicide. Because of his own personal experiences and accomplishments at such a young age, Wimbrey is the ideal speaker to teach and inspire troubled youth to new levels of achievement.


They say you can always judge the size of a man’s character by the size of the obstacle that it takes to overcome him. Johnny Wimbrey has triumphed obstacles even when the odds were against him. His message and true life stories of winning against his deadly encounters with life will encourage, challenge, and uplift any audience.

Johnny Wimbrey | Success Coach & Trainer
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